Club Schedule

Our club schedule is subject to change due to adverser weather conditions or due to racing. Please check the updates for any changes to the the below schedule.

Tuesday Gates. 6pm-8pm

Alternate Wednesdays: Mentoring 6-8pm / Race Intensive 6pm - 7:30pm, Skills session 7:30-9pm

Saturday. Intro to Bmx 9:15 - 10pm
Zero to Hero 10pm - 11pm
Gates 11pm - 1pm

Wednesday - Preston riders only!!

Gates £2-00 members and £4-00 non members.

Wednesday race intensive and skills session each £5-00 or £7-00 for both. The race skills session on Wednesday is a technically challenging session for riders aged 11 and over, or for younger riders by invitation who the club coaches believe will benefit from a specific session. A rider under 11 must have prior permission from club coaches to attend race skills

Saturday coaching £2-00 per session

We have a limited number of bikes in various sizes for riders to use at club sessions.