I feel ready to race national events

Novice racing at national level is not delivered consistently and it is up to the host event organisers to decide if Novice racing will take place. If Novice racing takes place, the categories are defined on the day based on the age of the riders wishing to compete. A Novice rider is defined as: Any rider who has not competed in a full Regional series as regional “expert” in the previous year or Any rider who has never competed at National level as “expert” or Any rider who has not competed in 3 or more National events as “novice”. Novice registration will take place during normal registration on Saturday morning. Except in exceptional circumstances and where practicable, no registrations will be taken on Sunday. Novice Plate numbers will be the last three digits of the riders British Cycling Membership if they have one, or any random three digit number starting with #9.