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This website has been created to promote the club and any future events we may hold. We hope you find the information contained in it useful.Preston Pirates BMX Club was established in 2005. After much hard work and years of liasing with Preston City Council trying to find a suitable venue it was decided that the track should be located at London Road. The club currently has in excess of 100 members.The club can boast to having a number of talented riders within its membership..

Eleana Stafford
World No 6 2014 [W6]
Scottish Open Champion 2014
Euan Hunt
National Champion 2012
Ryan Brookes
National Champion 2012
National Champion 2008
Ross Cullen
World No 8 2014 [W8]
World No 1 2012 [W1]
World No 4 2011 [W4]
National Champion 2013, 2011, 2010
British Champion 2012,2011, 2010
Keon Smith-McDermott
British Champion 2014,2012,2011,2010
National Champion (11 Boys) 2014
Jacob Murray
World No 4 2012 [W4]
Scottish Open Champion 2013, 2012
British Champion 2011
National Champion (9 Boys) 2014
Rupert Twitchett
National Champion 2013, 2012
British Champion 2012
World No 7 2012 [W7]
National Champion 2011
Felix Twitchett
World No 5 2014 [W5]
National Champion 2013, 2012
Connor Cassidy
Scottish Open Champion 2012, 2011
Matthew Gilston
European No 3 2014 [E3]
Scottish Open Champion 2014, 2013, 2011
Alex Brookes
World No 5 2014 [W5]
Scottish Open Champion 2014
World No 7 2012 [W7]
Champ of Cheddar (8′s) 2011
Ian Sharp
National Champion 2013
World No 6 2012 [W6]
British Champion 2012
National Champion (Vets) 2014
Ross Sharp
British Champion 2013
National Champion (17-29 Cruiser) 2014
Shaun Calvert British Champion 2012
Lilly Brindle
European No 6 2014 [E6]
Scottish Champion 2013
Jayden Seward
Scottish Open Champion 2013
Midlands Champion 2014
Alexis Beston
Scottish Open Champion 2014
Mark Fletcher
Scottish Open Champion 2014
Dave Walker
Scottish Open Champion 2014
Preston Pirates is affiliated to the British Cycling Federation, the sports governing body which will allow us to develop the track and facilities at the London Road site. Our aim is to promote grass roots riding throughout the region, with resident qualified training instructors who take regular coaching sessions for schools, cubs and beavers amongst others.

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